Are you sure you're speaking your customer's language?

Global Link Translation (G.L.T.) has developed a range of linguistic services available in all European languages as well as many rarer ones, thanks to its network of translators; these include some of the world’s most experienced professionals, always translating into their mother tongues. We can count on this specialist network, to offer you translation services in a variety of fields, including legal, accounting, technical, scientific, IT, and many others

Your sector calls on your business to be international, and you need your technical or legal documents to be translated; we can offer you complete and quality service with all localization and specialization issues taken fully into account.

A real partner in your business development abroad, we can fully manage translation of your documents, be they of any type - contracts, technical notices, sales materials, plans, whatever. We can go even further, to help you in business negotiations through our interpreters' know-how.

Partnerships we have developed specifically in languages, IT and communication mean we have the professional expertise to find THE tailor-made solution right for you to get what you want.

''We want to work closely with you - to know your needs, to serve you better''

Translation – Interpreting – Secretarial Services

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